Holiday Fever 101

The holidays are fast approaching and the fever is rising; of course most college students trying to figure out what they will be doing for their holidays. Of course nobody wants their holidays to go to waste; so you have to make a plan on how to spend it. However, this is probably the worst time to start thinking about holiday plans when the exams are fast approaching but bear in mind that if you do not make early plans, you will end up wasting the better part of the beginning of your holiday trying to figure out your next move. Well, first you have to put clear in your calendar the dates during which you will be on holiday; that is of course away from campus.

Second, dig deep into your phone book and start making a few calls here and there. Talk to your parents and a few relatives that you can visit for the first two, three weeks or so of your holiday. This might just be your chance to reconnect with your kin this year. However, visiting for the better part of your holiday will be quite a waste of time. Research and find some lucrative courses that you could undertake during the holiday. Moreover, you could also find a minimum wage job that will keep you busy so that you do not have to keep nagging around for a dollar. Talk to your lecturers in order to get connected with some institutions that may offer attachment opportunities to students who need to gain experience.