How to Become an Exemplary Tutor

The best way to teach students begins with cultivating a friendly relationship with them with foundations on trust, confidentiality and respect. Most tutors fail to recognize that students rarely admit that they have issues with their academics and therefore they require help. It is therefore the responsibility of the tutor to create a positive environment which will encourage the student to seek help. To be a good tutor you must earn trust from your students and build conversations. Chatting makes students more comfortable to present their problems.

It may seem meaningless though a problem is being solved though the chat. Take a pause within each lesson to have a personal chat with students. This will make them comfortable with you. Empathy will be your main weapon as you feel their pain and have a taste of their predicament. Apart from school work it is important to spend time with your students to establish their weaknesses and make them trust you. Show your students that you care about their welfare by following up with their parents, updating them about the student’s progress.

Learning is a process and if your students are to be comfortable with you, you have to be patient and supportive. Sometimes, is wise to slow down a lesson when teaching complex concepts. Always reassure your students that you are there to help them get on the right track. Flexibility is a basic principle of service. Sometimes your students haven’t completed homework which was difficult or require a crash course before exams; always make yourself available in these situations.