How to Please During Your Attachment

So you are finally going for your attachment and you do not know what to do so as not to get kicked out of the company? Do you want to secure a job when you graduate as a result of your good behavior during your attachment? It’s quite simple; all you have to do is to know the qualities that your employer is looking for. First you have to be a good communicator and a team player. Humility is the way to go; acknowledging that everyone is ahead of you in terms of work experience will keep you on toes.

Consult and seek guidance when necessary and do not forget to always give others priority when it comes to decision making. Secondly, be the first to provide solutions when problems arise. Ensure that everyone recognizes you as the source of wise counsel. Changes are bound to often come in every company. In such situations, your ability to quickly adapt is very important. Your employer needs to realize that you are very flexible and ready to change when the need arises. No matter how little significance your opinion brings, you always have to be confident when expressing your views. Confidence does not only display in terms of rapport but also in work presentation and writing. Complete tasks in time and submit without hesitation. No matter your gender, you have to learn how to perform many tasks at once for the benefit of the company. To do this you have to prioritize which task is most urgent.