Post-Easter Blues

So your Easter holiday was of course as fabulous as ever and the last thing you want is for it to end; but let’s jump back into reality; you are in college, the semester is almost over, you haven’t completed all your assignments and the exams are just around the corner. This is really not time to wallow in your Easter blues, making excuses for your sloppy behavior. However, the process of recovery from any holiday isn’t rocket science; it’s quite simple majorly involving the sacred act of you being yourself. First you have to recollect yourself. Sit back for a minute, remember who you are and why you joined college, and take a sneak peek at your pile of books; maybe that will refresh your memory. Secondly, you need to look back at your work schedule.

Highlight the unaccomplished tasks because there must be several of those. Then take your calendar and marks the days remaining in which you have to complete all your school work after which you will be able to make a schedule to fit the time you have remaining. The most important thing after making your schedule is being keen to follow it otherwise; you will have wasted your time in making one. In order to follow your schedule to the letter, ensure that you have the right kind of friends around you who share with you the same goals and ambitions. Maintain communication with your lecturers during this last minute rush hour. They will guide you on the areas to study for prior to the exam.