Solutions for Students with Insomnia

Lack of sleep is very common in college today owing to many reasons such as stress and drug abuse. Well, no one is entirely immune to these problems and most cases of insomnia are as a result of poor sleeping habits. To achieve the proper amount of sleep required you first need to minimize noise from your bedroom and keep it cool. Most students prefer sleeping with music on, unknowingly causing them not to achieve the maximum amount of sleep required. More importantly do not sleep with your cell phone next to your bed. Not only does it generate radiations but the temptation to keep checking texting is irresistible. Caffeine is a stimulant which is meant to keep the human mind awake and alert.

Do not take caffeine hours before you sleep as it may interfere with your sleep patterns. More importantly you must distinguish between work and pleasure. The bed is not meant for work and if by any chance you work from your bed this may go a long way in altering your sleep patterns. A slight exercise like yoga or meditation is good to help your body transition to sleep before getting into bed. If you must read anything before you go to sleep, ensure that the book does not illuminate blue light and it is not related to school work. What you wear to sleep is as important as the amount of time you dedicate to sleep. Your pajamas should only be for the bed; if you wore it somewhere else, then don’t wear it to bed.