The Perfect Study Playlist

We all require a good distraction while trying to grasp difficult concepts. This can be provided by a smooth playlist which does not have to be noisy enough to affect those that are around us. Studying for long hours with empty coffee cups around and piles of notes can be really boring. Find a playlist to keep you focused and one that will not sooth you into sleep. Your choice of songs to listen to is not a big deal as long as it works best for you. The secret to having an awesome study playlist is creating one in your own free time so that you only need to press play when its rush hour and you really want to listen to it. To create a good playlist you first have to keep it classic.

Though many people in this age do not listen to classical music, study has shown that classical music boosts your brain capacity to comprehend and produce. Find a song with at least 60 beats per minute to keep your brain active. Remember to keep your volume low. Study music is meant to be background music. Moreover, you should select music that does not have lyrics which distract your brain. Classical music is of that kind and so are instrumentals. Maintain a short duration in your playlist while taking a break each time one playlist ends. Lastly, listen to your playlist and repeat it just before you go into the exam just to refresh your memory.