When your Tutors Misbehave

We all know the drill in college: take few units, write a lot of notes, understand a quarter of them, pass most of the units, fail a few, go for holidays and come back next semester to repeat the same mistakes all over again. So you may blame this trend on some of your tutors who seem not to care much of what happens to you in college as long as you attend their classes, submit assignments and show up for exams. Of course it goes without saying that your tutors do not care much; not unless you actively involve them in your business which is 100% up to you to decide whether you want to do that.

At times tutors may misbehave with tight deadlines, a “million” assignments, tough CATs and many handouts just to mention a few. These are the times that you feel all pressured up with no time to check on your social life. You miss events, lose friends and it goes without saying that you feel like your world is crumpling right in front of your face. However, it’s not the time to wallow in your troubles; maybe you may just be contributing to your problems. In order to counter this situation, you need to establish a good communication network with your lecturer. Put out your problems clearly and let him know when it is already too much work. However, you do not have to be all nagging to him but just make him understand that you can take no more.