Who Receives Financial Aid in College?

There are many students out there in college who are in need of financial aid to see through their education. Statistics have it that a good percentage of students in third world countries fail to complete their college studies due to lack of funds to clear their fee and pay for accommodation. In case you are out there and need financial aid, just know that you are not alone. College expenses are really on edge and so it’s not a surprise that more than 50% of college students rely on financial aid from their first year through to their last year in college; and the number of needy students in college is on the rise.

The highest percentage of students receiving financial aid is in public colleges which are funded by the government. Moreover, it’s not just every student who receives financial aid. Most governments assume that self-sponsored students can afford to pay for their college fee. For this reason, priority is given to government sponsored students. However, a balance should be struck between these divides due to the high entry behavior in terms of high school grades required to join some courses for example engineering and medicine in public universities. This balance will ensure that even the less fortunate students in the society at large have equal opportunity at studying the courses of their dreams without worrying about college fees and therefore have a chance to make a positive impact in the society. Just in case you are out there and need financial aid, just know that you are not alone; apply for that scholarship!